Wednesday, June 17, 2009

zombie grls

These modern teen zombies were my entries for the FU!UK 5th pro-am sculpting comp. First time I entered, got a silver (?!)

size comparison with Hasslefree Ashlee and Golgoville Legends Renato:

-Cosplayer zombie girl-

story: "The infection spreaded rapidly in the local comic conference as many attender thought they were just witnessing an immense zombie reenactment and weren't alarmed by the screams and brutal events." This poor girl was cosplaying a random manga character when she got bitten on her leg but managed to escape the extremely misfortuned fate of being eaten alive and her attacker was left with a piece of her petticoat. Now she roams the deserted streets of the city with a mangled, swollen leg and an empty stare.
material: magic sculp
size: 27mm

-punk/skin zombie girl-

material: magic sculp
size: 26mm

stupid creature

This little sculpt was originally for Black Scorpion's critter comp but didn't place. Will give it away for free...

material: magic sculp
size: 13-14mm

big lady

This was my entry for the Gangs of Golgoville sculpting competition and will be cast by East Riding Miniatures in the far future.

story: They call her "Bulldozer" but for me she is a lovely girl named Emma. She is armed with a sledgehammer but the gasmask is her most precious item, it's not that it would grant her much protection as the eye windows are broken and the filter can have been clogged up since the last world war, it just makes her feel beautiful. I can kindly give you a nice little advice; Whatever you do, Do NOT touch her mask.
material: magic sculp
size: 30mm (to the top of the head)


A sculpt from January... modern civilian, I think.

Material: Fimo soft
Size: 40mm